• What is The Academy?

    The Academy is a series of online courses that students, parents and teachers can access to primarily support careers guidance as well as the teaching of STEM subjects. There are courses for primary, secondary, colleges and home education.

  • What are the courses inside The Academy?

    Our courses are a series of lessons, videos and resources based around different topics. For primary schools there is MedicFest @School, for secondary and colleges there is our virtual work experience course, pharmacology & toxicology course and our ultrasound secrets course.

  • How does the virtual work experience work?

    On this course, each lesson covers one career. For each career there is over 90minutes of content for students to engage with. There is a 40-50minute interview, split across 4 shorter videos. Students can download an audio podcast version of the interview too. There is also footage of the career in action and mini tasks set by the career for students to complete. At the end of each career there is a mini MCQ test for them to complete before they get their certificate.

  • Which careers do you cover in the virtual work experience?

    We want to have the broadest range possible. Yes, there will be the usual suspect of doctors, nurses, midwives etc, but there is definitely careers students haven't heard of AND that are accessible with levels 9-4 at GCSE. There will be lab based careers, engineers, I.T specialists, patient facing careers, support staff and more.

  • Are all the careers available straight away?

    No... on launch, there will be 7 careers available. Then, every half term we add at least 5 new careers, building the best range of careers for your students to explore.

  • What are the tasks students have to complete?

    These are usually paper based tasks where no specialist kit is needed. The task is set by the career being interviewed and it relates to their every day job. It could be examining some scans on the screen, analysing some data from a patient, predicting which medicine to give a patient and what the effects are. For example, our Occupational Therapist set a task of writing the instructions for making a cup of tea. Simple? Not when you have to think of every step for a dementia patient! Students get to the answers from the career too! We'll include any supporting documents and PDFs to download and print if needed.

  • Are students assessed in any way / do they get any feedback?

    Currently there is no direct feedback from our team to your student. However throughout the course there are mini tasks with best case answers as well as interactive quizzes and tests students can take, that give feedback on their answers. Some of these are required to be completed before they can complete a career and get their certificate?

  • How long is a subscription to The Academy and what happens at the end of that time?

    All subscriptions are for 1 year from the time of order. 30 days before your year comes to an end, we'll be in touch to see if you want to re-new.

  • How many students can our school enrol into The Academy?

    All of them... if you want! There are no restrictions on student numbers. You can enrol as few or as many as you want.

  • How do students actually enrol into The Academy once we subscribe?

    Easy... we send you a secret weblink that is exclusive for your school. All you do is send this link to your students via email, text, Teams, however you communicate with them. Your student just clicks, creates an account using their email and they get enrolled on your courses!

  • How do students start a course?

    Once a student has signed in, they are taken to their dashboard. This will have the courses they can access listed on the screen. All they do is click the one they want and they are taken to the course. As they start and complete lessons, they can see their progress on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Can we track students who have enrolled and what their progress is?

    Yes. For the time being we are in control of this. You can request a report at any time and we'll send it to you within the day, or you can request an update weekly, monthly, termly and we will send it to you.

  • Our college has two campuses. Do we need two subscriptions?

    No, you only need one. A single subscription covers the whole college and their sites. This does not apply to Academy Trusts with multiple schools (sorry!).

  • What I.T is needed to access The Academy?

    The Academy works on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. It is mobile responsive meaning it alters it's size depending on the device being used. All you need is internet access.

  • Can we download any of the content and videos?

    Most of the content in the paid for part of The Academy, you can not download. Podcasts and PDF documents can be downloaded, but the main videos can not. In the Free Resources section, we have made the majority of the content downloadable!

  • Can I show the videos in class?

    Yes, you are free to show and use the videos as you wish in both the free resources and the paid for section. Use them in lessons, open evenings, live lessons etc.

  • How do parent access The Academy?

    Just like your students, we give you secret link to share with parents. You can send this out as you wish for them to subscribe. We can let you know their engagement & progress too!

  • What age group is The Academy suitable for?

    There are courses for all year groups. MedicFest @School is good for years 4 to 8. The virtual work experience, pharmacology and ultrasound courses and ideal for year 9 - 13.

  • How much is a 1 year subscription?

    All the prices are listed on the individual school pages. If you head to your page (Primary, Secondary / College or Home Ed) you can see them there.

  • How do we order a subscription and pay?

    You can order directly from the school type pages (see menu) and you can via invoice. We invoice the school, you pay by BACS or Cheque. Home Educators will have to pay by debit or credit card.

  • Are there any subscription plans for Home Educators or Individual students?

    Yes! You can find them on the Home Educators page - see menu! If you have a single or handful of students you want to enrol, schools and colleges or parents can also use the home educators to subscribe.

  • What is in the Free Resources Section and how does this differ from the paid version?

    The Free Resources will always contain examples of the career interviews. These will change every term, but it won't be the full set. There will be posters to download and print, shorter career example videos to introduce sectors, PDF magazines and books to download. There will always be new resources being added but not the full career videos and tasks. Think of it as a little taster of the paid version, but really useful at the same time.