Academy Jnr - For Ages 7-13

1 year subscription to The Academy includes:

  • MedicFest @Home

    34 videos in total covering 17 fun and easy science experiments that explore your senses and quirks of the human body! The videos show you how to perform the experiments and then explain the science behind them. No special kit needed!

  • Ultrasound Secrets & Pathology Courses

    Explore dozens of ultrasound scans & videos recorded by Tom, looking at physiology & anatomy of organs and structures inside the body! The Pathology Course explores 10+ diseases what happens when the body goes wrong!

  • Book & Med Kit

    We'll even send you a copy of The Bog Book of Body Experiments that accompanies MedicFest @Home, a reflex hammer, pen torch and stethoscope. There's a bonus course that shows you how to use the stethoscope too!

The full list of MedicFest Experiments

Quick, easy & fun... no specialist kit required!

  • Find the blind spot in your vision! (Try this experiment now - video above)

  • Floating & Sinking Arms - Muscles, tendons & proprioception

  • Test your patellar knee reflex

  • The Mind Bender - Coordinating your feet and hands!

  • Your stuck ring finger - muscles & tendons

  • Arm Evolution - are you missing a tendon in your arm?

  • Do you have 2 noses? - Trick your brain so you feel 2 noses!

  • Do you have 6 fingers? Trick your brain to think you have 6 fingers!

  • The Pulfrich Effect - See things in 3D... when they're not!

  • Trick your brain into sensing a fake arm

  • The Belladonna Effect - Make your friends head shrink or grow!

  • The Pupil Reflex - See the pupil in the eye react to light!

  • Negative After Image - See images in your 'aftervision'

  • See through a hole in your hand (& floating sausages!)

  • What's more important for taste... your tongue or your nose?

Watch Intro Video

Find your blind spot!

Try an experiment now!

Your MedicFest Presenters!

On the MedicFest @Home Course, Tom and his daughter Beatrice, take you and your children through 17 exciting hands on experiments you can try with your pupils in the classroom, that explore your senses and fascinating quirks of the human body! Each experiment includes a demonstration video and an explanation video looking at the science behind the experiment. No special equipment needed... we even send you a reflex hammer and a pen torch to keep!

The Big Book of Body Experiments

Included with every subscription is a copy of the accompanying book to MedicFest @Home - The Big Book of Body Experiments. Perfect for children that want to read up on the experiments and learn a little more about how the body works. Includes 15 of the experiments, amazing facts, activities & real medical images! Remember we also send you a pen torch, stethoscope and reflex hammer!

Academy Plus - For Ages 14+

1 year subscription to The Academy includes:

  • Virtual Work Experience

    Through video interviews, mini tasks & quizzes, students can explore dozens of health careers. Each career has over 90minutes of content in bite sized chunks. 5+ new careers added every half term!!!

  • Pharmacology & Toxicology Course

    This course takes students through the mechanism of action of 12 common medicines and how they are used to treat different pathologies and what happens at toxic levels!

  • Ultrasound Secrets & Pathology Course

    Explore dozens of ultrasound scans & videos recorded by Tom, looking at physiology & anatomy of organs and structures inside the body! The Pathology Course explores what happens when the body goes wrong in 10+ diseases!

On site health based work experience will now be impossible.

If it was tricky pre-covid, finding work experience in any health based setting will now be impossible. It'll be tough to organise visitors to your school or even getting them to jump on a zoom call. Their time will be precious and as much as they would love to help, finding a broad range of careers to talk at the right time for you will be tricky. That's why we've put everything together in one place for you. We've interviewed so many different careers at all hours of the day, so you and your students can access them in one handy place.

Each Career has the Following Content

  • 45+ minute interviews with the career (split into 3-4 short videos)

  • Podcast of the audio from the interview to download

  • 20 Questions Quick Fire Interview - the person behind the career!

  • Short videos of the career in action, explaining a piece of kit or common procedure

  • A task based on the career, set by the interviewee

  • Suggestions & Answers to the Tasks

  • Summary Video - salary, entry routes, career overview

  • MCQ Test at the end to complete and pass the career!

  • Certificate for each career completed

There's even a section on NHS Career Basics

Includes 8 mini lessons covering the basics everyone should know before looking into careers in the NHS

  • How the NHS careers are split up into sectors

  • Pay scales and banding of salary

  • A guide to University Lingo - degree, masters, PhD, 2:1 ...

  • What is an Access Course?

  • How to find the right degree for the right career - very important!

  • Where to find Apprenticeships!

  • The truth about Apprenticeships

How is the Virtual Work Experience Delivered?

The course is split into lessons, with each lesson covering a single career. Each lesson & career includes an in depth 40-50minute interview with each career, that is split into 4 videos. A podcast download of the interview plus quickfire questions videos, clips of the career in action, tasks and MCQ quizzes. All videos have captions too!

What's covered in the Pharmacology & Toxicology Course?

The course is delivered by Tom Warrender - Physiologist & Toxicologist who has taught Nurses, Paramedics, Biomed Scientists and more at 2 UK Universities. Students can explore the mechanism of action and how toxicity impacts our physiology. Perfect for aspiring health professionals that want more in depth knowledge & experience.

  • Paracetamol & Aspirin

  • Antibiotics & Antivirals

  • Morphine & Ibuprofen

  • Warfarin & GTN

  • Furosemide & Amlodipine (Blood pressure control)

  • Antidepressants & Antihistamine

  • Salbutamol and Respiratory Drugs

Ultrasound Secrets Course

This course includes dozens of real ultrasound scans the explore our internal physiology and anatomy. Each lesson examines a different part of the body, including the heart, liver, bladder, kidneys, muscles, bones & blood vessels. As well as the scan each lesson includes a mini lecture on the body part being examined so students can relate the images to the physiology.