What's available in The Academy?

You can order a 1 year subscription to:

  • MedicFest @School

    18 exciting experiments that explore your senses and quirks of the human body in your classroom. Each experiment includes 2 videos - one to demonstrate and one that explains the science!

  • MedicFest @School & @Home

    You can also share access to the amazing MedicFest videos with your pupil's parents! They can log in and try the experiments with their children at home. How about that for sharing Science Capital in your community!

  • The Senses Show - Live Stream!

    Add to your subscription or order individually... This Live Stream show takes your pupils through 7 amazing experiments they can try on themselves in the classroom! Only available March 1st-12th for Careers and Science Week!

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Your MedicFest Presenters!

In this video series, Tom and his daughter Beatrice, take you and your pupils through 18 exciting hands on experiments you can try with your pupils in the classroom, that explore your senses and fascinating quirks of the human body! Each experiment includes a demonstration video and an explanation video looking at the science behind the experiment. No special equipment needed... we even send you some reflex hammers and pen torches to keep!
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Find your blind spot!

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The full list of MedicFest Experiments

Quick, easy & fun... no specialist kit required!

  • Find the blind spot in your vision! (Try this experiment now - video above!)

  • Floating & Sinking Arms - Muscles, tendons & proprioception

  • Trick your brain into sensing a fake arm!

  • Test your patellar knee reflex

  • The Mind Bender - Coordinating your feet and hands!

  • Your stuck ring finger - muscles & tendons

  • Arm Evolution - are you missing a tendon in your arm?

  • Do you have 2 noses? - Trick your brain so you feel 2 noses!

  • Do you have 6 fingers? Trick your brain to think you have 6 fingers!

  • The Pulfrich Effect - See things in 3D... when they're not!

  • The Belladonna Effect - Make your friends head shrink or grow!

  • The Pupil Reflex - See the pupil in the eye react to light!

  • Negative After Image - See images in your 'aftervision'

  • See through a hole in your hand (& floating sausages!)

  • What's more important for taste... your tongue or your nose?

What's included with your 1 year Academy subscription?

  • 1 Years access to MedicFest @School for EVERY teacher at your school. Parent access is included with MedicFest @Home

  • 36 videos that demonstrate how to perform the 18 jaw dropping experiments and explain the explain the science behind them.

  • 2 x copies of the accompanying book: The Big Book of Body Experiments, for your library!

The Big Book of Body Experiments

Included with every subscription are 2 copies of the accompanying book. Perfect for pupils that want to read up on the experiments and learn a little more about how the body works. Includes 15 experiments, amazing facts, activities & real medical images!

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